Gesichtspflege-Set "Abendsonne"

Gesichtspflege-Set "Abendsonne"
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Die Abendsonne Linie besteht aus fünf aus fünf sich ergänzenden Produkten für die reife Haut. Skin and tissue are required to give a high performance throughout your lifetime.  sind ein Leben lang gefordert. Sagging, wrinkled and lackluster skin give make you look older. With this set of natural products we give you almos a youth fountain. Your skin will regain a good tension and a radiant appearance full of energy. Wrinkls will soon disappear. Supports your skin with reinforcing ingredients already as of an age of 35 years onwards. 

Augenhaut Gel, Tonic, Heilerde, Körperöl, Tag & Nachtsalbe

Skin, tissue and energy are required for a lifetime. However, Sagging, wrinkled and lackluster skin lets you look older. Take advantage of your new fountain of youth! From the inside out clamping force and an aura full of energy. Your youthful appearance to flowering, your radiance gains new strength every day. Fold increasingly a thing of the past. Supports the skin from the age of 35 with strengthening and protective substances. 

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